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This blog is designed to help you,  the start-up owner, find all the web resources to assist in a faster, more successful start-up.  There are so many places to look, books and magazines to read, and it is hard to know where to start.  These posts will provide the start-up owner with the simple facts, and the easy steps to become an entrepreneur. 

In addition the membership portion, to be added next month, will be even more helpful – a forum to talk with other start-up owners, and a place to post questions for me, Norma, to answer. 

Getting a business started can be a little bit like going to a CPA to have your taxes prepared.  You want the answers that are uniquely for you — not a copy of the tax code, and no idea where to start.  I hope this blog will provide the unique answers to help you move forward more quickly – get your business up an running, and profitable as soon as you can.

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