Member Benefits

This 90-Day Start-Up Program Costs Less
Than an All-Day Workshop!

What’s Included in the Program:

  • One-on-one forum access to the No-Nonsense Business Coach, Norma Rist
  • 13 weeks of easy templates and worksheets to help you start-up faster
  • Articles from experts in accounting, law and customer relationships
  • By the end of the program, you’ll have a 70 page workbook that has been used by hundreds of women owners to start and grow their businesses
  • Membership continues even after 90 days in case you need a little bit more time
  • 90 day Start-Up Program
    Just $99 per month for three months

    Start-Up Biz Tips by Norma Rist

    Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive to help you get your business up and running right away:

      Start Up Checklists and Questions for Professionals

    • An easy Women Owners Daily Start-Up Checklist
    • A way to capture everything  you want out of your business
    • Questions to ask your CPA
    • Questions to ask your Attorney
    • Questions to ask your Commercial Insurance Agent

      Start-Up Work Pages and a Forum for Questions

    • Thirteen weeks of workpages and checklists delivered weekly – Start Your Plan This Week
    • Easy step-by-step program to complete at your leisure
    • A place to post questions and get easy-to-understand answers from a no-nonsense business coach

      Expert Articles about Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Customers And Start-Up Info

    • Articles by experts – so valuable in the first 90 days
    • Info about LLC’s and corporations vs. sole proprietorships
    • Ideas about choosing names and logos
    • Questions answered, such as, “How do I work with subcontractors?”
    • Definitions and tips just at the moment you need them

      Federal and State Resources/Requirements to Start a Business

    • Understanding Federal Employer Identification Numbers (EIN), what they are used for and how to get one
    • Business Licenses
    • Resources in your state
    • Sales Tax

      Simple Business Plans Made Easy

    • An outline of a simple business plan that you can copy and personalize for your own business
    • A cup-of-coffee marketing plan for service professionals
    • An money plan for your new business
    • Get Clear About Your Business Services/Products

    • Create the plan for your services or products
    • Consider how you will be branded – how you will be known
    • Find the idea behind your services/products

      Determine Your Best Target Market – Best Prospects

    • Your best target market – those who become your best clients
    • How to analyze your target markets 9 different ways
    • Ways to reach your target market inexpensively – market on a shoestring
    • The key to networking to bring you prospects
    • The introduction to get you the best prospects
    Your investment of approximately $3.30 per day will bring you answers from a no-nonsense business coach.

    I’m Ready!

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