Will your Small Business be viewed as Friendly? Professional?

by Norma Rist on September 4, 2010

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A good step in the beginning of your business development is to decide how you want your business to be perceived, how you want it to be branded.  There are so many adjectives that could describe the way you would like to be known.  Here are some of them:
Happy, good problem solver, friendly partner, approachable, caring, welcoming, non-threatening, safe, comfortable, efficient, no hassle, turnkey, energized team, transformational, no-risk, professional.
Good listener, energetic, knowledgeable, credible, clean, businesslike, excellent service provider, steady, dependable, timely, easy, attractive, experienced, expert listener, pleasant, cutting edge.
Your branding will be needed in a number of places.  It will be easier if you consider a list of potential adjectives and decide on the ones that best apply to you.  Then as materials are designed, or the web site is developed, you will already have a good idea what to tell the designers.  
If you are a social worker or a therapist you may choose approachable and professional.
If you are a photographer you may choose experienced and cutting edge.
If you own a children’s store you may choose happy, knowledgeable, excellent service provider.
If you are an organization expert you may choose attractive, good problem solver, efficient.
 Places where these adjectives will help you carry out your branding could include:
Web Site
Media Kit
As you make your list of materials or places for your branding e.g. above, you will find that a few adjectives will show up in one place, but not necessarily in all places.  Perhaps the letterhead needs to be professional, but the brochure needs to be professional but also friendly and approachable.  So you will use some adjective repeatedly, and others in just a few places.
Review your choices every so often.  Sometimes you will learn more about your business and will add adjectives, or change the importance of some of the adjectives.  You will refine your branding as your business grows and evolves.

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Deborah Shapiro September 4, 2010 at 9:48 am

Thanks for the info. I hear so much about Branding, but I never really gave it much thought about how I should go about it. You gave me something to think about.

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