A Start Up Business Is Not A Perfect Thing

by Norma Rist on July 30, 2010

thank you renatamotta on flickr

Are you one of the type of people who want everything to be perfect?  You take twice as long to do anything because you don’t want to make a mistake.  Don’t want to have a hair out of place.   This is some extra baggage that will slow you down as you start your new business.  If you tend to wait forever to put your toe in the water, then you may need to look at how to reduce those tendencies.

You could spend two years analyzing your business plan and not actually starting a business.  One day I met with two women at a book store; they asked me to help them with a challenge.  They were trying to put together their business plan and were stuck on mission.  They had spent two weeks trying to hammer out a mission.  In the meantime they could have been working on the service they planned to offer and the target market.  I asked them to put the mission statement on the back burner and move to the next section.
In the course of one evening we put together the primary service they wished to offer, the ideal target market, a potentially good way to reach that target market, and a plan for all of the above with dates!
Sometimes you have to dive in and try something.  You will learn in the process, and enjoy the journey of the start up.

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