Starting a Small Business?

by Norma Rist on July 20, 2010

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Are you starting a small business – you are at the right place.  For almost 20 years I have helped women to start a business, grow a business, and find the customers they really like.  If you have a product, a capability or knowledge that someone else will pay for, then you can start a business around those products or services. 

Is it easy?  No.  Is it worth it? Yes.  With your passion to be independent, and your interest is learning how to provide your product or service to your customers, and your willingness to be business savvy, you could create a small business of your own.

  This site is intended to make it easy to find on line resources to help you on that journey.  From books to organizations, organizations and stories,  I hope all of this will help you move more quickly toward your goal of starting a small business and being independent.

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Chris Brown July 28, 2010 at 2:21 pm

Thanks so much for creating this resource. You’re so right – creating a business isn’t easy, but it sure is worth it!
Looking forward to reading more posts on Women Owners Daily.

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