A Consistent Image for Your New Small Business

by Norma Rist on August 7, 2010

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It is important that your business have a consistent image.  All of the visual parts of the business need to look like they belong together.  Think about your business cards, brochure, envelopes and letterhead.  Could you imagine a business having purple cards, pink brochures, yellow envelopes and blue letterhead?  Probably not – unless you were operating a kindergarten. 

What else needs to look as though it belongs as a part of your little company?  Entrepreneurs sometimes use event materials or speaker sheets – those materials need to be in the same theme as your other materials.  Here are some other visuals that should carry the same logo, or look:  web site, packaging, media kit, portfolios, and proposals.  It does not need to look glitzy or expensive.  Just using the same font,  the same size font, and the same color design is enough.  Prospects will get used to seeing your materials and will know they came from you without even reading the content.

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